PPE europe

PPE europe: We intend to become Europe’s major producer of sustainable personal protective ppe equipment and hygiene products. By reshoring we produce high class protective equipment such as masks, adult diapers, nonwoven materials and personal protective equipment (PPE) at several locations in Germany and in Europe.

Efficient and ecological production

Using the latest generation of machines, we manufacture in Germany to the highest standards worldwide. Our respirators not only have certifications for the highest protection for aerosols today but are prepared for higher requirements in the future. This applies to FFP2 masks as well as to all medical grade face masks.

New Car Detailing & Protection

At Potenza Auto Detailing we pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service and completing top-quality paint protection. Set an appointment today and start protecting your vehicle’s paint the right way.Potenza Auto Detailing has been offering paint correction, scratch removal, ceramic coating, and detailing for the past 15 years. With a mission to deliver the highest quality detailing service in the city. With a passion for paint correction, started paint protection in the early days. He has raised the bar for the entire industry on a national level and continues to be a mentor for auto detailers across the country looking into incorporating coatings to their businesses.Potenza Auto Detailing continues to thrive in delivering the high quality detailing service that they sought after since the very beginning. With the rise of ceramic paint coatings, potenzaautodetailing . Auto Detailing has diversified and expanded the business to new horizons setting out to provide an industrial level of protection for every aspect of the automotive surface from the tires to the paint and the plastics to the window glass. If you how your new car look , then lets preserve it for your with different products that we have . Paint ceramic coating , interior ceramic coating.